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Amazon 的机器人位于二维平面上的整数点(x, y)。如果一个机器人上下左右都有其他机器人,则该机器人是闲置的。给定n个机器人的位置,计算闲置机器人数量。

Amazon uses small, Roomba-shaped robots, called “Drives”. They deliver large stacks of products to human workers by following set paths around the warehouse. The warehouse can be represented in the form of a cartesian plane, where robots are located at integral points of the form (x, y). When a product is to be delivered to some point (i il the nearest robot is sought and chosen. Thus if a robot is surrounded by other robots nearby, it will seldom be chosen for work. More formally, a robot is said to be idle if it has a robot located above, below, left, and right of it. It is guaranteed that no two robots are at the same location. 


Initialization: Use four hash tables to record the minimum and maximum values of each x and y coordinate separately.
Fill hash table: Traverse all robot positions and update the minimum and maximum values of each coordinate.
Determine idle: Traverse the robot positions again, check if there are other robots up, down, left, right, and count the number of idle robots.
Return result: Output the number of idle robots.


def num_idle_drives(robot_positions):
    # 将机器人位置存储在集合中,方便查找
    robot_set = set(tuple(pos) for pos in robot_positions)
    idle_count = 0

    for x, y in robot_set:
        # 检查上下左右四个方向是否都有机器人
        if ((x+1, y) in robot_set and 
            (x-1, y) in robot_set and 
            (x, y+1) in robot_set and 
            (x, y-1) in robot_set):
            idle_count += 1
    return idle_count

# 示例使用
robot_positions = [(0, 0), (0, 1), (1, 0), (0, -1), (-1, 0), (2, 2)]
print(num_idle_drives(robot_positions))  # 输出:1

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