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Round 1: Online Assessment

Question 1.

The problem was to find the number of groups that can be formed by subarrays having average equal to k.

The problem was similar to this

Question 2.

The problem involved utilizing dynamic programming to create successful combinations of 1s and 0s, while adhering to certain rules or patterns specified by a given data structure.

The problem was similar to

Round 2: Online Interview

The interview was scheduled after a week from the result date of OA.

Only 1 technical round of 1 hour was there.

The interviewer introduced himself then he asked me to introduce. Then he asked me 2 questions based upon my interest in Ethical Hacking. Since he also had some knowledge in the Cyber Security domain that’s why he asked me the questions mentioning it’s not a part of our interview.

Then he asked me 2 questions of DSA.

He opened a shared text editor to explain the approach and write the complete code including the main class.

Question 1.

The problem was to count the number of consecutive 1s in a circular array.

Question 2.

I had to group the anagrams of string.

Then we ran out of time and the interview was over.

The result was out in a week and unfortunately, I didn’t make it up.

Here’s a complete roadmap for you to become a developer:

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