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meta面经 2024最新出炉,让我们一起来看下meta的oa面试题吧。


coding 1:leetcode 199,leetcode 1541
coding 2:leetcode 680, shortest path (tag高频题)

如果是Full Time的话,那么更加困难一点,典型的场景是要做一个连续4个小时的back to back面试,也有分开面试的。由2轮算法+1轮BQ+2轮系统设计(system design)组成。

If it’s Full Time, it’s even more difficult. A typical scenario is to have a continuous 4-hour back to back interview, and there are also separate interviews. Consisting of 2 rounds of algorithm+1 round of BQ+2 rounds of system design.

Behavior Questions

1.Explain the process you would use to ensure compliance with XBRL tagging during the SEC filing.

2.How do you stay updated with changes in GAAP and disclosure requirements, and how would these updates impact Meta’s financial statements?

3.Can you describe a time when you had to manage multiple deadlines during the 10-Q and 10-Kfiling periods? How did you prioritize your tasks?

4.What analytical tools are you proficient with, and how have you applied them in your previous SEC reporting roles?

5.Discuss how you would approach a discrepancy during the financial statement review process.

6.How do you handle SOX compliance in relation to financial reporting?

7.In your view, what is the most challenging aspect of SEC reporting and how do you address it?

8.Describe a complex financial model you’ve developed. How did you ensure its accuracy and compliance?

9.Could you walk us through a time when you contributed to a Proxy filing? What were the key considerations?

10.What strategies do you employ to ensure accuracy and compliance in the financial audit support process?

11.How would you prepare for and respond to an audit finding that questions the accuracy of your financial reports?

12.How do you manage communication with cross-functional teams, especially in a technology-driven company like Meta, during the financial reporting cycle?

13.Can you provide an example of how you have used Oracle or Essbase Hyperion in your financial reporting processes?

14.What experience do you have in conducting benchmark studies and how do you apply your findings to improve reporting processes?

15.How have you implemented or suggested improvements for financial reporting automation in your past roles?

16.Describe your experience with internal and external audit facilitation. What role did you play, and what was the outcome?

System Design

Design Log System

经过我们的强力面试辅助,OA代写,候选人通过这些面试题的解析和沟通,面试官不仅了解了候选人的编程能力,也看到了我在解决问题过程中清晰的思路和有效的沟通技巧。这些不仅有助于应对 Meta 的面试,同时也能提升我们解决实际编程问题的能力。祝大家面试顺利!

Through our strong interview assistance and OA ghostwriting, the candidate not only understood their programming skills but also saw my clear thinking and effective communication skills in problem-solving through the analysis and communication of these interview questions. These not only help us cope with Meta interviews, but also enhance our ability to solve practical programming problems. And Wishing everyone a smooth interview!

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