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HR 筛选 / Pre-screen


  1. How are you 现在方便吗,不方便我们可以改期
  2. Front-end position
  3. People think we created react so we use react but we actually use vanillajs to do a lot
  4. Graduation date
  5. Location preference
  6. Other interviews or deadline we should be aware of


Tell me your front-end experiences

Tell me projects you used on



  1. What are call and applyin JavaScript
  2. What is a closure in JavaScript
  3. What are the differences between varand const
  4. What is event delegation and what are its benefits 感觉 benefits 答的不令人满意,我就会说能更方便地处理事件,答完面试官又重复问了一遍,我就举了个例子,但也没答出更多来
  5. Describe the thiskeyword and what is its behavior
  6. How can we detect an image been fully loaded in the browser 我不知道,就回答 load 完会有事件
  7. How can I listen to a DOM event being fired
  8. What is the difference between queue and stack
  9. What is the simplest way to mimic stack behavior in JavaScript
  10. What kind of data structure is the DOM
  11. In a balanced DOM tree, balanced meaning each node has exactly 2 branches, roughly how deep is the tree if there are N DOM nodes at the leaves


  1. After that how do you feel
  2. Are you interested in the area you were talking about
  3. Next steps if we decide to move forward 还有两场面试,下一场 45min front end coding problem,最后一场 3~4 技术提问 + more coding
  4. Questions can I answer for you 提问加入什么团队做什么,答 you’ll see a bunch of teams, we’ll have a matching process,问多长时间,答 a couple of weeks

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