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  1. Calculates the number of distinct “holes” (or isolated groups of zeros) in a 2D grid represented.
  2. Convert snake case strings to lower camel case in a given text, ensuring that leading and trailing underscores are preserved.

网上投简历,二月初收到on-site面试邮件,通知一周后在纽约面试,2.5小时。因为人不在北美,最后面试改为phone interview, 共两轮,都是2-1. 全部situation问题,无technical。在北美的candidates都被邀请去jersey city, gs提供信用卡cover费用。

第一轮: 一个VP+一个manager. 听口音vp是英国人,曾在london, hk, 和ny做过。

1. what do you see the market in 1-2 years?
2. describe a situation when you have to solve a conflict.
3. describe a situation you have to take an leadership role.
4. why operations?
5. what do you think operations do?
6. any questions for us? you mind working in salt city office?

第二轮:两个manager, 比第一轮轻松些,美国女生原学法律,经济危机失业去gs做了ops. 男生欧洲口音,原学语言,找不到工作所以做了ops.

1.describe yourself. a person in the world you respect the most and why.
3.why gs?
4.why operations?
5.can you persuade why we should hire you rather than other candidate?
6.any questions for us? do you interact with your team members?
8.give a situation where you failed and how did you overcome it?

可以看出,全部是typical behavior focused questions. nothing special.


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