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1. N-way set-associative cache optimization。提供了一个Java的实现,要求:

  1. Correct it. 题目里说了提供的实现有”signanificant flaw”, 但是没有说是什么。这里让你找到并修正
  2. Optimize it. 题目里说提供的实现比较naive,有很significant optimization opportunity,也是没有说朝哪个方向优化
  3. Refactor interface to allow implementation of other evicition policy, like MRU. 提供的实现里实现了LRU
  4. Implement MRU. 有一个test case是给MRU的,所以一开始什么都不修改执行是有一个test case会fail
  5. Make it thread-safe

2. Given an array of integers numbers , find the first index ifor which three consecutive elements numbers[i].numbers[i +1],and numbers[i + 2] are all greater thana given threshold .if there is no such index retun-.
Note: You are not expected to provide the most optimalsolution, but a solution with time complexity not worse than0(aunbezs.length’, wl fit within the execution time limit


For numbers:10,1.4,3,2.5),and threshold=1the output should be solution(numbers.threshold):2


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