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Let’s take a look at the freshly uber oa question released experience together.

一、Uber oa Hackerrank Test

Uber oa question 1

Firstly, the test assesses coding skills. Moreover, it includes various coding challenges.

Given an undirected tree, we need to remove an edge to minimize the difference in the sum of the two subtrees obtained

– Calculate the total sum of the tree: First, calculate the sum of the node weights of the entire tree.
– Depth first search: Traverse the tree through DFS and calculate the weight sum of the subtree with each node as the root.
– Calculate difference: Traverse all edges, for each edge, calculate the weight and difference of the two subtrees formed after deleting this edge, and find the minimum difference.

Here’s a Python function to accomplish this:

def min_subtree_diff(n, edges, weights):
    from collections import defaultdict
    # Building adjacency tables for trees
    tree = defaultdict(list)
    for u, v in edges:
    # Calculate the total sum of the entire tree
    total_sum = sum(weights)
    # init
    subtree_sum = [0] * n
    min_diff = float('inf')
    # dfs calculates the sum of subtrees
    def dfs(node, parent):
        subtree_sum[node] = weights[node]
        for neighbor in tree[node]:
            if neighbor != parent:
                dfs(neighbor, node)
                subtree_sum[node] += subtree_sum[neighbor]
        # Calculate the difference after deleting this edge
        if node != 0:  # root node cannot be a parent
            diff = abs(total_sum - 2 * subtree_sum[node])
            nonlocal min_diff
            min_diff = min(min_diff, diff)
    # Starting DFS from node 0
    dfs(0, -1)
    return min_diff

# example
n = 6
edges = [(0, 1), (0, 2), (1, 3), (1, 4), (2, 5)]
weights = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
print(min_subtree_diff(n, edges, weights)) 

Uber oa question 2

Determine the time since the last bus departure given a schedule of bus departure times and the current time.
Input:strings schedule (24-hour format HH:MM string time representing the current time in the same format.
Output:The number of minutes since the last busleft. If the first bus of the day has yet to leave, then return -1.

To determine when the last bus departure occurred given its schedule and current time, follow these steps:
– Split the schedule and current time into hours and minutes for easy comparison.
– Convert these times to minutes since midnight for easier referencing.
– Locate the last bus that left before now. Calculate its departure time difference as well.

Here’s a Python function to accomplish this:

def time_since_last_bus(schedule, current_time):
    def convert_to_minutes(time_str):
        hours, minutes = map(int, time_str.split(":"))
        return hours * 60 + minutes

    current_minutes = convert_to_minutes(current_time)
    bus_times = [convert_to_minutes(time) for time in schedule]

    # Filter out buses that have not yet departed today
    departed_buses = [time for time in bus_times if time <= current_minutes]

    if not departed_buses:
        return -1

    last_bus_time = max(departed_buses)
    return current_minutes - last_bus_time

# Example usage
schedule = ["08:30", "12:00", "14:45", "18:20", "21:50"]
current_time = "19:00"
print(time_since_last_bus(schedule, current_time))  # Output: 40

二、Uber oa Technical Question

Secondly, these questions evaluate problem-solving abilities. Therefore, it’s important to practice these types of questions.

The interviewer asked some questions about the network and operating system.
1. Discussion on jitter.
2. TCP vs UDP.
3. How does the operating system to handle page errors?
4. Use their brief explanations to explain the layers of the OSI model.
5. Given an array, print the next larger element (NGE) for each element. The next larger element of element x is the first larger element to the right of x in the array. There are no larger elements, consider the next larger element as -1.
6. For an array, the rightmost element always sets the next larger element to -1.

So, the above questions are all quick questions and quick answers,And the interviewer is examining the candidate’s basic understanding of the operating system and network.

三、Uber oa Problem Solution

Additionally, this round’s code issues only require candidates to share their solutions and ideas,So tangible results through real operation aren’t required.

Given an integer array arr=[5,6,1]. When we construct a BST using this input in the same order, we will have “5” as the root, “6” as the right child, and “1” as the left child. Now, if our input is changed to [5,1,6], our BST structure will still be the same. So, given an integer array, how do we find the number of different permutations of the input array that result in the same BST formed in the original array order?

四、Uber oa Hr + System Design

Interviewers asked candidates to suggest solutions for managing concurrency in BookMyShow’s booking process.

Interviewer reviewed some of the past projects listed on candidate’s resume, such as::
1. What are design patterns and why do we use them?
2. Explain any two of them.Discussion on database standardization.
3. Which is more suitable for distributed systems (standardized or non standardized)?
4. What do you do when you can’t find a solution to a problem (in the context of a project)?

Finally, the interviewer asked the candidate to pose some uber oa questions for him to consider during their discussion of enterprise values and vision, ideas about research performed previously, etc. To the interviewer’s delight, his candidate presented some pertinent answers relating to enterprise values and vision along with some initial opinions and ideas that arose during his discussion of them with him. He seemed very happy.

In conclusion, preparing for the Uber OA interview requires practice and a thorough understanding of the test format. Best of luck!

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